Introducing Franki

This is Franki.  She is a mixed up dog.  She is a mixed breed (probably Catahoula Leopard Dog).  Her eyes are mixed (one blue, one half blue and half brown).  Even her coat is mixed (black and white mixed in a pattern called “Blue Leopard”).  Mixed up dogs are my favorite.  Franki was adopted out six months ago but recently returned because her adopters became mixed up on how to properly train her.  Her previous foster mom couldn’t take her back, so she came to my house.
So far, Franki has been on her best behavior.  She is house-trained, doesn’t chew on things she isn’t supposed to, listens well, is quiet while in her crate, and does great with my dog Nova.  She’s a bit scared of strangers, and a bit too interested in cats, so we do have some things to work on, but overall she’s a wonderful and very easy dog to foster.  I think with her unique mixed up looks, it shouldn’t take her long to find a new home!