Leah’s Story

A year ago I fostered a Chihuahua named Blondie and her three puppies – Lee, Leo and Leah. Leah was the only girl, and she was twice the size of the two boys. She was the fearless leader of the group, always exploring and chewing and getting into trouble. I adored her. She was quickly adopted, and went to a good home with a loving owner and two other dogs. Last week I was sad to learn that Leah was being returned. The reason isn’t important, although I was disappointed that the family decided to return her. When she went out, she was a silly fat sassy puppy.

When she came back, she was a terrified, anxious, depressed dog. She won’t leave her kennel. She won’t eat, drink, or even move when anyone is around. She has laid in the same spot, huddled against the back of the kennel, for a week and refused to make eye contact. This morning we had a bit of progress. She ate a piece of chicken while I was in the room. It’s heartbreaking to see how afraid she is, and how much she misses her family. I’m trying Rescue Remedy, DAP collars, and other options to try to help her overcome her depression. I am hoping she will have a happy ending to her story. That she will come out of her shell and bond to a new person and hopefully find an owner that will be her forever family.

Update: Leah has found her forever home! She is happy again and doing well in her new home.